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Mama is an eCommerce Worrier who loves to slay a bargain. She is the undisputed Queen of the Amazon and reins over the eCommerce Jungle like no other. No matter if you are searching for a product for yourself, or if you are searching for Dropshipping, Wholesale FBA or FBM, Shopify or Ebay, Mama is here to help.

Mama spends her days hunting the best products from across the world to bring them back to the kingdom and share them with her tribe...YOU!


Mama's Tribe all have one thing in common, they love a bargain. If you could purchase the exact same item as you have seen on Amazon, but for a fraction of the price, would you? Yep, Mama's Tribe would too.

What about fining which products to sell on Amazon? This can be one of the biggest hurdles that a would be eCommerce seller has to jump. Are you interested in the explosive sales of a Trending Products? Perhaps you prefer the reliable demand for Classic Sellers? Either way, Mama has the very best of these products categorised and analysed so that you can simply pick you favourites.



“All for one and one for all.”


Jessica Griffiths

Founder & CEO (a.k.a. Mama)

Mama is the official Queen of the Amazon! She has spent hundreds of hours searching high and low on Amazon and Alibaba platforms to find the very best products to buy and sell.


John Johnson

Head of Technical

Amazonian Mama would not be possible without Mama's being surrounded by her tribe. Any technical questions Mama has go straight to her Head of Technical.


Ellie Smith

Head of Research

Running a Kingdom doesn't happen by itself. Mama only works with the best of the best to make the difficult decisions. Any product questions Mama has go straight to her Head of Research.


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Mama Finds Products
Save Time

Amazonian Mama is the Queen of the Amazon Jungle. She is an eCommerce Worrier who spends her days hunting opportunities so that you can profit.

This means finding the products you are looking for, to buy for less. And some that you didn't even know you wanted.

 Choose Some You Love
Pay Less!

Mama has searched Amazon, and the world for the best, most unique and most in demand products available today.

Hand selected Classic Selling and Trending products from ranges including Women's, Men's, Kids & Babies Home & Garden, Electronic and Lifestyle Products.

Pocket the Money!

Save money every time you purchase a product that you would have found being re-sold on Amazon.

Are you looking for a Side Hustle? Sell the products you love on Amazon, or any other eCommerce platform like eBay or Shopify. Dropship or Wholesale, the choice is yours!