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Amazonian Mama’s 3 Best Water Bottles on in 2019

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Amazonian Mama’s Top 3 Favourite Water Bottle Picks

No matter if you are looking for the best water bottles for yourself or to sell on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or Shopify; Amazonian Mama has you covered by picking out her 3 favourite water bottles on for the best price anywhere online.

They range from classic products like leak-proof or meal water bottles, to so-hot-right-now trending items such as crystal healing water bottles. Check out Mama’s Top 3 favourite water bottles available online today.

1. Natural Crystal Water Bottle

Amazonian Mama has watched this heath trend grow and grow in 2019. The use of crystals has taken off lately, not just in water bottles but across the health and beauty industry. It is the use of stones such as rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and obsidian in skincare and health products.

Healing Crystal Water Bottle with
Heal from the inside out with this energy charged crystal obelisk water bottle.

500ML Natural Crystal Water Bottle Point Healing Obelisk Wand Elixir Quartz Crystal Healing Bottle Drop Ship

Why Would Want a Crystal in a Water Bottle?

The trend stems from the concept that the crystals all possess unique healing properties, based in their frequency of vibration.

Amethyst; is said to aid creative thinking and spiritual awareness and to help prevent overindulgence.

Rose quartz; opens hearts to love and promotes peace, it is said to be the crystal of choice to help the user through a time of crisis.

Obsidian; aids the user to dispel disharmony including resentment of others, fear and anger.

Clear quartz; energises and activates the chakras as well as amplifying the energy level of any other crystal it touches making it perfect to use in combination with others.

When placed in water bottles, this frequency translates to the water itself, which the health conscious can then imbibe. By doing so, they are ingesting the healing energy frequency of the crystal used, translating the charged vibration to their very being. No wonder they are such a popular product!

Crystals Are Used For More Than Just Water Bottles

Energising Healing Crystal Water Bottle

Natural Quartz Crystal Glass Water Bottle Creative Crystal Point Healing Obelisk Wand Drink Bottles With Protective Bag

Crystals have, of course been around for thousands of years, and their uses have been acknowledged by mankind more or less since we stood upright to walk. So, why are they exploding now? More and more people are making the decision to nurture their over-stressed and over-polluted bodies with nourishment that will do as much good as possible.

This is evident through the explosion of Yoga and Meditation into the main stream, as well as some more unusual trends such as Sound Baths so soothe our bodies and souls. The choice to eat Vegan or organic is now as common as any other dietary choice. In that light, the gravitation towards the use of crystals was inevitable.

Currently the search focus has hailed primarily from Australia and North America (USA and Canada). This is a fantastic time in the life of the trend for an aspiring seller to take advantage of the organic spread of this product by social media users. As the rest of the world is currently underrepresented is the perfect time to take advantage of the potential growth in other areas of the world such as Europe and Asia.

What’s With the Price Tag of Crystal Bottles?

If you are interested in this product, you will be happy to know what Mama has found it for a fraction of the price of the others out there in the market which come in at around $80.00 a bottle. You can purchase crystal healing health bottles for under $10.00 with free shipping! Seriously… why pay more?

Healing Crystals in Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Healing Crystals.

Crystal Healing Reiki Glass Bottle Natural Quartz Crystal

For more on Crystal Water Bottles, check out Mama’s post on her Best Crystal Water Bottle Picks.

2. The Gallon Water Bottle

Gallon Water Bottle with Motivational Measurements
Keep on drinking with this motivational Gallon Water Bottle and do your own #gallonwaterchallenge

1 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw Clear Plastic Drinking Bottles Big GYM Jug BPA Free

Perfect for those who really want to get some serious drinking done. This huge water bottle is designed to be a one and done method for those who are trying to make sure that they are getting enough water every day.

In addition to being cavernous, it is is also designed to keep you drinking throughout the day by providing motivational milestones accompanied by a timetable for you to keep track of your progress. Not bad!

It is said that drinking a gallon of water every day helps to detox the body which aids in losing weight, clearing skin, improved digestion and increasing energy.

This seemingly simple concept took off with its very own instagram challenge, the  #gallonwaterchallenge which really helped to spread the word. As a result it has continued to steadily grow for years. Interestingly the only times that the demand seems to have dropped off is in the month of December! Looks like people are caught up in the silly season to worry about drinking water.

This is definitely an established trend so it is going to be a struggle for a new seller to be able to get in and dominate this market, but that is not to say that it cannot be done. As with Crystal Water Bottles the search origins are dominated by the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. This means that there is still plenty of opportunities for those who wish to excel in alternative markets such as European, African and Asian markets.

Design Your Own White Label Gallon Water Bottle

Wholesale Gallon Water Bottle with Key and Card compartment.
Design your own white label product like this Gallon Water Bottle with key and card compartment.

If you are interested in dominating in the existing markets, the best option is to design and manufacture an original take on this product. This way you can stand out against the competition and clean up the existing demand.

If you think about it, the beauty of this product is that it holds a Gallon of water. That’s it! This mean that you can literally come up with any idea you like as long as it holds a gallon. Just check out this cool take on the idea. A gallon water bottle, with gym locker key compartment. Genius!

3. A5 Notebook ‘Memo’ Water Bottle

A5 Transparent Notebook Notepad Water Bottle with screw top.
Easily carry this A5 Notebook sized Water Bottle in your bag along with your books.

Notebook water bottle flat A5 memo 420ML eco friendly book drink bottle square bpa free student drink kettle gym shaker book

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Amazonian Mama fell for this water bottle as soon as she saw it. It is such a fantastic idea for those who like to carry a water bottle with them. When working, studying or travelling many don’t like having a bulky and cumbersome cylindrical water bottle taking up space and weight in a handbag or backpack. This Notebook shaped water bottle solves those problems.

It is easy to slip into any bag or carry along with books, tablets and laptops. It also comes in both A5 and A6 sizes so you can make sure that you pick the most convenient for your needs.

A5 Notebook Notepad Handbag Water Bottle with Pink Flamingos

300ML Flamigo Book Paper Bottles Flat Water Bottle Clear Paper Flask Notebook Water Bottle Flat Drinks Kettle for Outdoor Sports

Who is Searching for Notebook Water Bottles?

Interestingly, the search volume is dominated by originating from India followed by a distant USA and UK. This is fascinating as it would appear that this product is still emerging as a trend across the world and yet it has been embraced in Asia. This definitely one to watch for future months to see if the idea gains traction throughout the year.

Sleek and Elegent A5 Notepad Water Bottle 450ml
Sleek and Elegent A5 Notepad Water Bottle with Corner Opening

450ML Transparent Creative Flat Water Bottle Portable Travel Kettle A5 Water Bottle

For more Amazonian Mama Product Picks, check out Mama’s Shop and Product Picks.

Are you looking for a specific product or do you have a question that you need Amazonian Mama’s help with? Contact Mama and she will get back to you with the best of the best form her Jungle Kingdom.

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